GA Sails Racing 2021 – The evolution of racing sails continues!

With most of the racing events being cancelled in 2020 our development team focussed on preparing the perfect sail quiver for our team and every competition racer for the 2021 season. A lot of changes in the rulebooks required adjustments to our racing collection and Peter Munzlinger came up with the right changes together with our team to provide the perfect rig setup for every racing format. With the redesigned Vapor and the completely reinterpreted Vapor Air range every racing pilot will be able to fight for the first place in each race.

Vapor 2021

We achieved an incredibly lightweight range of Vapor slalom sails for 2021 by implementing a 7 batten configuration and simplifying the panel layout without unnecessary seams. This results in a super light feeling in the rider’s hands and maximized low-end performance, which boosts the acceleration at the start and after jibes. An increased luff curve and redesigned shaping of the profile results in stability and a constant feeling across the whole range in all conditions. By combining these changes the Vapor benefits from all advantages of a lightweight construction without any losses in terms of controllability and stability. The Vapor constantly pulls forward with less back hand pressure, which again leads to increased acceleration and therefore significantly higher average speed, while fatigue is minimized.

Vapor 5.2 | Luff 392 cm | Boom 169 cm | 7 Battens | Mast 400 cm
Vapor 5.6 | Luff 410 cm | Boom 180 cm | 7 Battens | Mast 400 cm
Vapor 6.4 | Luff 436 cm | Boom 191 cm | 7 Battens | Mast 400/430 cm
Vapor 7.2 | Luff 464 cm | Boom 206 cm | 7 Battens | Mast 430 cm
Vapor 8.0 | Luff 494 cm | Boom 212 cm | 7 Battens | Mast 460 cm
Vapor 8.8 | Luff 526 cm | Boom 222 cm | 7 Battens | Mast 490 cm
Vapor 9.4 | Luff 542 cm | Boom 231 cm | 7 Battens | Mast 520 cm

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Vapor Air 2021
Especially the foil racing rules have changed a lot during the last couple of years and the latest developments demanded bigger adjustments to the Vapor Air collection. As result the Vapor Air is split into the Vapor Air SL for slalom foil racing and the Vapor Air R for upwind foil racing.

The Vapor Air SL is designed with either a 8 batten setup on the smaller sizes for enhanced stability or a 7 batten configuration on the 9.0 for maximum performance in lightest winds. We managed to safe a lot of weight by simplifying the panel layout and eliminating unnecessary seams. The 2021 Vapor Air SL is significantly lighter and easier to ride with less back hand and improved jibing performance.

Vapor Air SL 6.6 | Luff 464 cm | Boom 181 cm | 8 Battens | Mast 430/460 cm
Vapor Air SL 7.4 | Luff 492 cm | Boom 193 cm | 8 Battens | Mast 460 cm
Vapor Air SL 8.2 | Luff 521 cm | Boom 204 cm | 8 Battens | Mast 490 cm
Vapor Air SL 9.0 | Luff 553 cm | Boom 213 cm | 7 Battens | Mast 520 cm

To achieve maximum upwind performance, we implemented 8 battens with a double batten in the sail head into the Vapor Air R, which stabilizes the head twist and adds exposure to the foot area for unmatched upwind racing performance. The Vapor Air R has less pronounced leech twist than the Vapor Air SL, which again improves its upwind capabilities.

Vapor Air R 9.1 | Luff 551 cm | Boom 214 cm | 8 Battens | Mast 520 cm
Vapor Air R 10.0 | Luff 589 cm | Boom 227 cm | 8 Battens | Mast 550 cm
Vapor Air R 11.0 | Luff TBC cm | Boom TBC cm | 8 Battens | Mast 550 cm
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With the 2021 GA Sails racing program you’re ready to conquer every racing course no matter the conditions and racing format. Beginning of February we expect to receive the first delivery with the complete race sail collection, so make sure to pre-order yours as soon as possible.
To get direct insights of our designers into our products and to see guides for rigging and tuning our boards and sails, we recommend a visit to our channels on Youtube. The following links will take you there directly:

With Christmas getting closer, we want to thank you for the successful and friendly cooperation during this challenging year. We’re glad that despite the tough circumstances, we managed to make the best of it together and laid a great foundation for another successful year 2021. From December 21st to January 4th our office remains closed, but we’ll immediately take care of your request once we returned.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best regards,

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